Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Our Story

Star Wars is our story. At least, it was.

Everyone in my generation knew and had seen Star Wars multiple times. It was the universal language. We could bypass the small talk and delve into the deeper matters of life. Yoda and Ben spoke the truth. The waxings of the wise old Jedi masters became mantras and entered everyday vocabulary. A wink and a nod was not needed to cite the source, we all knew.

Conversations over soda, and later beer, further galvanized our devotion to OUR story. What kind of gravitational system did the Death Star have? How did it compensate for a gravity differences as you went further towards the center? Any discrepancies were solved, filming mistakes rationalized in OUR story.

We created a flawless world given a simple story and a 6 hour celluloid outline. It was iron clad. There were no plot holes, no gaping questions. There were mysteries of course, but we were content to NOT know. We could discuss those mysteries and debate all the while looking forward to the next installment where some of our skeletons would find flesh.

Then they came. The prequels.

And we watched. And re-watched. We bought the DVD's. And we hoped for more.

What donned on me, as I was going over Sith in my mind, is that it is no longer OUR story. It is HIS story. It is George Lucas's story. I can't say "He should have done this," or "I wish he did this," because it is HIS story to tell. I will ever regard Lucas highly because he sparked my imagination. He gave me a story.

Then he took it back.

It's entirely possible that Star Wars is JUST a movie.


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