Friday, September 09, 2005

Phantom Vibration I guess I still have some rants that need an outlet.

I have two cellular devices on me at pretty much all times. All waking times that is.

Waking and napping.

I'm now faced with a new malady. Phantom vibration. I think it is similar to phantom pain that an amputee experiences. If you don't know, that is when someone who has had a limb removed feels pain in the removed, newly non-existent limb.

I have all my devices set to vibrate. In case I am working, or listening to music, mowing the lawn (hehe, riiight) etc. But now, I find that I feel the vibration, only to check and see nothing. In fact, everything that can possible cause a vibration causes me to dig in pockets for the phone/ogo.

Of course, there is phantom vibration, where nothing causes the vibration sensation, and there is faux vibration cause by drums, bass, computer fan, what have you.

I hope to see an ad on tv to cure my phantom vibration. I'm already on meds for knee jiggling.

PS...check out

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